Recognizing depression – How to know whether you’re suffering from it

Do you often feel down? This can be a normal course of life but when you get different emotions like despair and hopelessness, these won’t go away or these might prompt that you have depression. When you suffer from depression, it makes it tough for you to function and enjoy life in a way you did before. Just spending the day in a normal way can soon feel like overwhelming. But no matter how depressed you feel, it is not that depression can’t be cured. When you understand the cause of depression and identify the various symptoms, you can take the first steps to feel a little bit better and get over the problem.

Depression – What is it?

Depression is a debilitating mood disorder which is common among people. This is not just the normal sadness which you feel when you feel tired about handling the setbacks and struggles of life. If you think that depression will change the way you feel, think and function, it is true because it can even have an impact on your capability of working, sleeping, eating, studying and leading your life. The feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and worthlessness can be unrelenting. Men usually get restless and angry very easily. Irrespective of how you experience depression, if you leave it untreated, this will leave you in a very bad state.

How do you know whether you’re depressed?

Apart from taking the depression quiz, there are also many types of ways in which you can recognize depression. The more are the symptoms that you face, the stronger they are and it is most likely that you are suffering from depression. Here are few symptoms.

  • Feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. You will always feel that there can be nothing better that can happen to you and there is nothing that can improve your situation
  • Loss of any kind of interest in things which you liked doing before. If you find yourself no longer finding interest in your hobbies, you can be sure that you’re depressed.
  • Changes in weight and appetite. If there is a change of more than 5% in your body weight all of a sudden, this is also a symptom of depression.
  • Changes in sleep. If you have insomnia or you’re getting awake during the early hours of the morning, this can be a sign of depression.
  • Self-loathing or hating everything about yourself can also arise due to depression.

Therefore, if you’re worried about whether or not you’re suffering from depression, you should consider keeping in mind the above mentioned symptoms and signs.

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