Improve Your Looks With These Surgical Techniques

As we age, our faces tend to get quite a lot of wrinkles and other effects that look dissatisfying to us as they remind us of how old we are, however, there are various techniques today that can easily take care of those aging effects with ease.

Thread lifting

One of the best ways to make your face look smooth and young again is by using the thread lifting procedure. This procedure is known to be one of the best ones because it can be done in a single session, and it does not involve any cutting or stitching meaning that there are no visible scars left behind, just a beautiful face.

The procedure involves threading special threads underneath the skin which will help remove the sagging effect caused by aging. There are two types of threads that you can ask to be used during your procedure depending on the area you are looking to cover.

As some threads can be absorbed, they will get replaced by the natural elements in your body that will perform the same role as the threads which have been absorb. This means that you will have a complete natural look that you used to have when you were young, without any foreign items under your skin.

If you are considering to do thread lift in Melbourne the cost according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne will vary depending on the area you are willing to cover. Naturally, this means that the smaller the area you are willing to cover, the smaller your fee is going to be.

Thread lifting is a simple procedure that will make you look young again

Double Chin Reduction

Having a double chin makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable, and while the only solution before was liposuction which was known to leave some scaring after the procedure, and it also had quite a long recovery time, today there is a much better way to get rid of your double chin.

The procedure is referred to as double chin injections which are injections that contain acid that is synthetized to burn off fat tissues. When these injections are applied by the doctor, they will cause the fat cells in your double chin to dissolve, and after some time, they will get absorbed by your body in a completely natural way.

Injections can make your double chin completely gone

Because the procedure is non-surgical, you will only receive numbing anesthetics that will take about thirty minutes, and if you decide to do a double chin reduction in Melbourne by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, the application of injections shouldn’t take longer than five minutes. It will take around a month for the results to fully show off, and once they do, you will not have a double chin anymore.

If you are wondering how long this treatment lasts, you will be satisfied to find out that even if you gain weight, your double chin will not come back as the fatty tissues are completely absorbed by the rest of your body, and the remains are cleaned up, making the double chin very hard to come a comeback.

Final Word

The world of modern medicine is quite exciting, especially with newer procedures like the double chin injections which can be done while you are fully awake. While the thread lifting does require you to be sedated, you will no longer have foreign material under your skin like you would with some procedures in the past.

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