Comprehensive Stairlift Solutions for Oxford and the Surrounding Area


Regardless of age, condition, or injury, your home is the one place where you should feel comfortable and accommodated for. The available technology makes this more possible and comprehensive than ever.

Stairlifts are just one of the many mobility aids available for home installation and they allow you to have full access to your home despite your physical condition. As long as you work with a quality stairlift company, you are getting extremely safe and reliable equipment that aids you in your floor-to-floor travel.

Full Installation and Repair Service

Typical stairlift installations begin with a home visit. The purpose of these assessments is to take a look at your stairs, take measurements if necessary, and ultimately supply you with the most appropriate stairlift.

Obviously, you won’t be expected to install the equipment yourself and your stairlift suppliers come fully equipped with the tools and the expertise to ensure a successful installation. Straight stairlifts in Oxford allow you to sit level while the lift carries you from one elevation to another. This extremely simple design makes a world of difference, especially if your primary bedroom is located on the top floor.

Another benefit of purchasing a stairlift is that you will often have access to reconditioned equipment, allowing you to save money and get all of the benefits out of the equipment.

Get Temporary Stairlifts

If your physical limitations are due to a certain condition or injury, you can rent a stairlift just as easily as you can buy one, allowing you to travel around your home as normal until you recover. The only difference between purchasing a stairlift and renting one is that once you’re able to climb the stairs again, your stairlift suppliers will remove the equipment from your home.

Perhaps you have a leg injury or are having visitors who are physically impaired. Renting a stairlift ensures that you or your guest is accommodated for and you will still have access to repair technicians if something were to go wrong.

Stairlifts for Changing Directions

The only issue with a straight stairlift is that your stairs may be divided into two sections with one of the sections facing a different direction.

To solve this, your stairlift suppliers will also be able to install curved stairlifts that curve around to line themselves up with the second section of stairs, allowing you to travel the full way without needing to purchase more than one stairlift.

Regardless, all of these stairlifts are tailored to your needs specifically and your home assessment, along with some of your personal preferences, will determine the length and style of the equipment to be installed in your home.

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