Clenbuterol: Effects, Cycles, and Availability

Many bodybuilders, weightlifters, gym rats, and fitness-centric enthusiasts all know the name Clenbuterol if they want to increase muscle mass and strength. This anabolic steroid is highly popular in different areas around the globe. In fact, Clenbuterol is very popular in Brazil and other parts of South America.

The use of this drug produces similar effects as the “fight or flight” hormone known as epinephrine. As such, it can enhance endurance and increase your time at the gym or for your other daily workout routines while increasing your overall muscle strength at the same time. Aside from its benefits related to fitness, it’s also a prescribed drug for treating various respiratory problems, which includes asthma.

The Form of Clenbuterol 

Clenbuterol, Clen, Clens, or Clen pills are generally marketed in its hydrochloride form. When used or consumed, it leads to the treatment of different respiratory and bronchial obstructions. This anabolic steroid is known as an effective Beta 2- agonist which assists in the binding of the Beta 2 receptor that’s already present in the body. Its properties make Clen to be exploited in the treatment of asthma and other respiratory disorders. Also, many athletes exploit the anabolic steroid’s trait to supply the blood with more oxygen, thus increasing endurance during events and workout sessions. Using this drug will also increase the body’s temperature, and it might confuse some first-time users to having a fever. However, it’s the supplement’s thermogenic properties that increase the body’s heat to which, in turn, enhances the body’s metabolic functions.

The Different Effects of Clenbuterol 

We’ve already discussed that Clen is a bronchial clearance agent, which means that it can help clear the body’s airways for better breathing and endurance. However, it’s not its ability to get rid of obstructions in the body’s respiratory system is deemed to be the drug’s most popular trait, but its characteristics to burn fat. Clen can efficiently get rid of excess fat, which can then lead to a toned body and a lean muscle structure.

Clenbuterol’s Availability 

Clen is available in different countries across the globe, but it’s illegal in certain regions, namely the United States and different parts of Europe. You can get this anabolic steroid from other countries, provided that you do show a doctor’s prescription to complete the transaction. There are, however, some countries that don’t deem the product to be illegal, and it’s even available in different forms.

Clenbuterol Cycles 

In most general cases, the use of Clen can be found as pills with 20mcg each per serving. There are also other forms of the anabolic steroid that can be used, namely its injectable and other oral forms. Bodybuilders and athletes often use Clen during the end of a cycle because of its properties to efficiently burn off that last bit of fat that might seem to not go away even with the use of other steroids.

If you want to get the ideal effect when using Clenbuterol, it’s suggested that users add it at the tail end of the cycle. In doing so, the individual can attain a lean body with a strong muscle mass.

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